The Complete Guide on What to Negotiate in Your Career and Why

If you’re gearing up to make a career move next year, now is the right time to figure out what top rewards you want to negotiate into your next career opportunity. 

This guide shows you how to figure out what benefits and rewards you want in your career and why by using the Life Rewards Model. It takes you step by step through figuring out at the highest level what is most rewarding in your personal life, family and career, then helps you create your own prioritized list of the benefits that matter most to you focused entirely on career. The amazing part is that the prioritized list for your career continues to support and reveal how you can expect to experience rewards across your entire life including your personal life and relationships. This guide gets you an extra step closer to creating a Life Model that will enable you to truly thrive in life.

A huge bonus is the Infographic: Life Model Design Employee Benefits Reference which is a huge list of the top things you should be thinking about when negotiating your next career move. Enjoy the resource below!